My life, part 1

I will skip the baby phases. No much to say, but an interest in boats can already be noticed.

My first sailing cruise in 1963.

And sailing turned in a passion.

Years and years of regattas all over the year. Almost taking over my medical studies!

In 1975, after just three years working as a countryside medical doctor, I purchased a Dufour 35 which was at this time, one of the finest boat in Europe.

And with it, I sailed the Atlantic in 1977, direction Dominica, with the idea of settling in the Caribbean. No GPS in this time. Here communicating with my father by radio am.

Almost no problem during four weeks…

This was in 1977 between Martinique and St Lucia, sailing back from the Grenadines. Later I did a painting out of this picture. Probably my real first painting.

After one year in Dominica, I settled in “Les Saintes”, south of Guadeloupe where I was doctoring in both islands., moving from one to another, day or night, with a speed boat. Notice the boat shaped house which was the doctor’s residence and my boat moored just out of it.

There, I began to dive.

My first show in 1985 at the Arcachon sailing club. Painting was still a hobby at this time.

After few very active years in Les Saintes, I turned crazy about this new science: computers. I then built one of the very first medical software which pushed me to go back to France where I met my second half, Virginie and we got married in 1990.

But that did not stop me sailing and racing whenever I could.